Ariel Guzik, Holoturian, book cover, 2016
Ariel Guzik, Holoturian, book cover, 2016
Ariel Guzik, Holoturian, Edinburgh Art Festival, 2015

For the last 10 years, Ariel Guzik has searched for a way to communicate with whales and dolphins. Guzik’s project has encompassed the creation of underwater instruments, expeditions to contact whales and dolphins off the coasts of Baja California, Costa Rica and Scotland, and sound recordings of these remarkable encounters.

Ariel Guzik's Holoturian was a new work commissioned by Arts Catalyst and Edinburgh Art Festival in 2015. It was an installation of an underwater resonance instrument designed to communicate with whales and dolphins in the deep seas, and a sound performance from the artist's resonant recordings in nature. The work has developed from Guzik's decade-long investigation, and a field trip by Guzik and his team with Arts Catalyst to the Moray Firth in the North of Scotland to encounter the population of bottlenose dolphins that live there. The Holoturian's first launch is planned to be in the Gulf of California in 2016.

This new eBook records the project and opens up the ideas behind it, combining artistic, scientific and environmental perspectives, with texts by curator and writer Nicola Triscott and marine scientist and conservationist Mark Simmonds OBE, accompanied by images of the research and the installation.

“The cetaceans, who belong to a civilization parallel to ours, are the interlocutors who motivate this research. We are interested in building an approach to them without limiting their freedom and without any intentions of intrusion, training, or domination.” Ariel Guzik


Ariel Guzik - Holoturian
ISBN 978-0-9927776-8-5
Edited by Nicola Triscott
Published by Arts Catalyst, June 2016 in UK
Designed by Margherita Huntley
It will be available as an eBook - .pdf and print-on-demand