Conflict Minerals and Artistic Practice – A Workshop

Butte, Montana; Google Earth image

In this workshop, we will explore different ways in which artistic and cultural practices contribute to our understanding of the relationship between geological natural resources (their extraction and distribution) and conflict on multiple scales.

We are interested in art, film-making and research that focus on regions and communities where concentrations of natural “critical materials” - raw materials deemed essential by states for industry, technology and sustainable energy – are entwined with histories of conflict. What modes of transdisciplinary research can address complex systems of visual, cultural, societal, technological, ecological, economic and political forces? What type of aesthetics and conceptual approaches can narrate these contemporary global realities? What role do artists, film-makers and art academics play as active agents in the multidisciplinary discourse around the Anthropocene? We will address these questions through a series of presentations by artists, curators and researchers, and conversation across our disciplines and practices.

We invite submissions from artists, curators and researchers who would like to present their research and work as part of this workshop, and to join the discussion.If you would like to take part, please email a very brief outline of the work/research you would like to present with a brief biography to Nicola Triscott – by Wednesday 29th March. You will be contacted later that week wiht further details.