Anthropomorphic Trouble - Performance Event

Four rocks in pastel colours with mineral formations are placed in front of a grey background. They have layered, irregular shapes and some have bright colours running through the mineral sections.
Research Image - Goda Palekaitė, Image courtesy the artist

Guided by the artists Goda Palekaitė and Adrijana Gvozdenović, this performance aims to open the possibility to experience and discuss anthropomorphic troubles, as the artists share their research, stories and works developed in the past two years.

Adopting the lens of the Earth as a historical figure and discursive being, Anthropomorphic Trouble addresses ecological challenges, deep time and geological formations, unearthing the troubled relationship between humans and the Earth. 

Looking at the transitional moments within the history of science and questioning the scientific museological display, the artists invite you to spend time with the bodies of stones, view a video from the fieldwork portraying non-human protagonists, and engage with the history of Earth in a tactile way – in other words, to exercise your gaze and touch for a different knowledge of landscape and time.

In partnership with Whitechapel Gallery and Delfina Foundation. Supported by Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Culture Institute and Hasselt University.

Find out more about Anthropormphic Trouble and the artists here.