Dimitri Launder

Dimitri Launder
Dimitri Launder
Dimitri Launder, Phytobscura test image, fennel leaf
Dimitri Launder’s projects as Artist Gardener offer a gentle provocation to an apocalyptic view of urban ecological sustainability. His work often explores the liminal issues between public and private use of space, aspiring towards transformative urban propagation. Launder’s work has been commissioned by organisations including Tate Modern with his Apothecary Arborimum and RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show for Tales Of The NOOSPHERE recently featured in the Arte Útil archive. His ideas cross pollinate between commercial private gardens, public commissions and emergent ideas in his art practice. His experience in this grafted practice has developed over 15 years expertise as a garden designer and as an artist with inherent interests in ecology and socially engaged practices.
Dimitri Launder is an ‘Artist Gardener’ who knows the political power of plants, and isn’t afraid to use it.  The Times, 2011
Collaborations with other artists and art groups include Lucky PDF and Philip Li, Invisible Cities, House of Fairy Tales, Gut Club and others result in a diverse spectrum of works that range from sculptural intervention, durational installations, performances, walks, banquets, brewing, conversations and sometimes gardens.
Recently Launder has developed a new tread of live installations with ARBONAUTS a company he co-founded and co-directs with his wife Helen Galliano. Their work concentrates on the collision of resonant spaces and fractured narratives. Arbonauts are presently developing work for Dorset’s 2016 Inside Out Festival responding to a 1 kilometre stretch of wild coastline, the magnetic mapping techniques of endangered migratory birds and climate change. 

Dimitri has been invited to partake in Arts Catalyst's multi-faceted project Notes from the Field: Commoning Practices in Art and Science in 2016.