Dr Sylvia Nagl

Dr Sylvia Nagl, photo by Jicca Smith
Dr Sylvia Nagl, photo by Jicca Smith

Sylvia is a transdisciplinary complexity scientist who works on the interdependence of human and natural systems. She is interested in how the dynamic interactions of people with each other, with wider social, economic, political, and technological systems – and with ecological and earth systems – form ever more complex networks of relationships. 'Health' depends on these relationships acting together in a life-enhancing way. Interconnectedness is central to the health of individuals and communities, and the well-being of the living planet Earth.

Sylvia is currently working with communities facing water crisis. These collaborative projects use digital media for witnessing, reporting and documenting lives in a rapidly changing world by those most affected. She has also been involved in diverse collaborations with artists and architects, and has advised the United Nations (UNITAR-UNOSAT) on community-based disaster reporting using digital media to map environmental destruction and support relief efforts in an acute crisis.

In 2016, Sylvia has been invited to speak on the Assembly on Useful Art, Science and Technology as part of Arts Catalyst's multi-faceted project Notes from the Field: Commoning Practices in Art and Science.

"For me Arts Catalyst has consistently been the community to go to for dynamic and refreshing conversation and collaborative action across the art-science space."
Sylvia Nagl, 2016


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