Invisible Flock

Invisible Flock is a multi award winning studio operating at the intersection of art and technology. For over ten years they have explored the edges of technology, immersion and storytelling; Creating GPS powered AR art games, transforming discarded beach plastic into 3D printed artworks, large 3D public sound installations as well as pioneering digital public artworks that exist out at sea.

Invisible Flock makes large scale, experiential installations for global audiences, creating sensorially rich environments exploring the complexities inherent in living through the anthropocene. They create through a research methodology routed in critical inquiry, collective exploration and curiosity. They work with people at the frontline of the issues their work is exploring, through long-form engagement and collaboration. 

Invisible Flock has recently shown work in Berlin, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Nigeria, Indonesia, Qatar, India and in galleries, museums and public spaces all over the UK.