Melanie Jackson

images of two installations by Melanie Jackson
Melanie Jackson, The Urpflanze (Part 2) split screen image
digital clay Melanie Jackson, The Urpflanze (Part 2), Moby Dick, digital clay
Melanie Jackson, The Urpflanze (Part 2), Moby Dick, digital clay
A still from Melanie Jackson's Urpflanze film. A scientist working on a botanical experiment.
Melanie Jacksons, Synthesis, The Urpflanze, 2011.
Illustrated image of a multi-coloured orb floating above men lying in a surreal landscape.
Melanie Jackson, The Urpflanze (Part 2), still
Digital clay image for The Urpflanze (Part 2)
Melanie Jackson, Moby Dick still for The Urpflanze (Part 2)
Cerro Rico (The Rich Mountain); Courtesy Melanie Jackson 2016

Melanie Jackson inhabits different tropes of art making to interrogate possibilities of representation against the engaged practices of the world. She is interested in ways in which thought and affect is conducted through the material, and much of her work has explored this against the context of work, production and the flow of international capital. She is currently investigating the relationships between nature and technology through a series of experiments with fauna and flora, and the technologies available to her.

Melanie is a lecturer at Slade School of Fine Art, her solo exhibitions include The Urpflanze (Part 1), The Drawing Room, London (2010), Road Angel, Arnolfini, Bristol (2007), Made In China, Matt’s Gallery, London (2005). She won the Jerwood Drawing Prize in 2007. In 2013, Melanie was appointed Artist in Residence at University of Bristol.