Nathalie Magnan

The crew of Sailing for Geeks on board, at sea.
Nathalie Magnan | Ewen Chardronnet | Nicola Triscott, Sailing 4 Geeks: Ship to Shore. Photo: Andy Bichlbaum

Nathalie Magnan is an artist and theorist, working mostly in France. Magnan is the president of the Paris Festival of Gay and Lesbian Films and her theoretical work mostly focuses upon feminism and media. Magnan has organised several conferences related to these subjects.

In 2005, Nathalie Magnan participated in The Arts Catalyst project “Sailing for Geeks 2: Ship-to-Shore” where activists and artists boarded a boat, physically exploring the roads of migration between Morocco and Spain.

Sailing for Geeks 2 established a link between the two sides by sailing boat. From Gibraltar (UK) to the enclave of Ceuta (Spain), from Tarifa (Spain) to Tangier (Morocco), the artists and activists entered each country from the sea, cooperating with the processes of immigration control. These actions were traced and documented via GPS, radar and radio communication.

The project explored the idea of physical reality, its visibility and its connections to digital perception; for example, how do digital representations of the world collide with reality?