Arts Catalyst Reader Volume 1, 2014

Arts Catalyst Reader Volume 1
Arts Catalyst Reader Volume 1 (cover)

A selection of texts by artists, curators, academics and writers, written between 1996 and 2014 giving an overview and flavour of some of Arts Catalyst’s artistic commissions over the past two decades. The reader offers an insight into the critical discourse around the field of art, science and society.

The chronological order of the essays reflect Arts Catalyst’s shifting and evolving research interests, as well as highlighting relevant theories and critical issues in cross-disciplinary arts practice. It also offers a reflection on artistic practices from a range of artists, some at the start of prominent careers.

Essays and extracts include: 

1996, Unnatural Selection, by Louisa Buck
1998, Thr Bright Tunnels of Alchemy, the Dark Lights of Science by James Flint
2002, Clean Rooms, by Alex Farquharson
2002, Makrolab's Twin Imperatives and their Children too, by Kodwo Eshun
2005, Once Upon a Space Age, by Marina Benjamin
2005, An Introduction to Vertigo, by Rob La Frenais
2008, Images and Imagination in 20th century Environmentalism: from the Sierras to the Poles, by Denis Cosgrove
2010 One By One: Brandon Ballengeé's Malformed Amphibian Project, by Lucy R. Lippard
2011, Critical Art and Intervention in the Technologies of the Arctic, by Nicola Triscott
2012, Human Specimens: a Labyrinth of Morality, Science and Law, by Nicola Triscott
2012, Trans-Species Google-Box, on Rachel Mayeri's Primate Cinema: Apes as Family, by Matthew Fuller
2013, Thinking about Invisibility and Art Objects: Radioactive Divinity and the Nuclear Sublime, by Ele Carpenter
2013, Techne & Poesis by Isobel Harbison
2014, Blue Sky Thinking (an extract), by Rachel Steward

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