Arts Catalyst Season of Films at Carroll/Fletcher Onscreen

Chris Oakley, Half Life (video still), 2009

A season of three films marking the 20th anniversary of Arts Catalyst. Carroll / Fletcher Onscreen is an online cinema showing dynamic curated weekly screenings of experimental and artists' film.


Chris Oakley Half-life
Tue 10 March – Mon 16 March
15:00min, HD Video, 2009
Half-life looks at the histories of Harwell, birthplace of the UK nuclear industry, and the development of fusion energy technology at the Culham facility in Oxfordshire. The film examines nuclear science research through a historical and cultural filter. Drawing on archive footage of the sites, alongside contemporary materials, the work takes structural clues from nuclear physics, exploring the heritage of nuclear energy from the roots of the technology that drove the industrial revolution. Half-life was commissioned by Arts Catalyst and SCAN.

The Otolith Group and Richard Couzins Otolith I
Tue 17 March – Mon 23 March
23:16min, SD Video, 2003
Otolith I is set in the 22nd Century, when the human race is no longer able to survive on earth and is obliged to live in the agravic conditions of the International Space Station. Dr. Usha Adebaran Sagar, the future descendent of Otolith Group member Anjalika Sagar, is an exo-anthropologist researching life on an earth that she can experience only through media archives. Otolith 1 was the Otolith Group's first project. It was commissioned by Arts Catalyst and the M.I.R. Consortium.

Agnes Meyer-Brandis The Moon Goose Colony
Tue 24 March – Thu 2 April
20:56min, HD Video, 2011/12
In her documentary film The Moon Goose Colony, artist Agnes Meyer-Brandis develops an ongoing narrative based on the book 'The Man in the Moone' written by English bishop Francis Godwin in 1638, in which the protagonist flies to the Moon in a chariot towed by moon geese. Meyer-Brandis actualised this concept by raising eleven moon geese from birth, imprinting them on herself as goose-mother, taking them on expeditions and housing them in a Moon analogue habitat. The Moon Goose Colony is a Pollinaria project and formed part of The Moon Goose Analogue: Lunar Migration Bird Facility commissioned by Arts Catalyst and FACT.