Crash - Moonlanding workshop

Crash, a youth project with WE COLONISED THE MOON as part of Republic of the Moon exhibition, Liverpool

In conjunction with Republic of the Moon Exhibition, at FACT, Liverpool, WE COLONISED THE MOON (Sue Corke and Hagen Betzwieser) held a series of workshops for young people taking inspiration from unplanned disasters in space.

Filmmaker Tim Brunsden created this short documentary about the Freehander’s first session with WE COLONISED THE MOON including a short intro to Enter At Own Risk by Hagen Betzwieser as well as interviews with the Freehanders themselves.

The moment of landing is the most precarious. When we send machines into space a crash is what we fear the most. Massive investments of time and resources in technology, hope and ambition, obliterated. But in art failure can be a beautiful concept, the stimulus of new possibilities, an iconic dramatic pivot.

Taking inspiration from unplanned disasters with satellites and robots sent to observe, explore and record, We Colonised The Moon will work with teams of young people to build machines with a terminal end in mind. We will shoot high speed film of the crash impacts and award a prize for the most aesthetic.


This three day workshop will see a group of young participants from the FACT Freehander programme, film and edit a documentary-style fim called Crash.