Creative Arts Project: Astro Black Morphologies

Flow Motion, Astro Black Morphologies, 2005
Flow Motion, Astro Black Morphologies, 2005

Flow Motion Astro Black Morpholoties schools project

Working in partnership with Highfield Primary and Bassett Green Primary School, the John Hansard Gallery provided young pupils with the opportunity to participate in a large scale art-science project, based on its recent exhibition, Astro Black Morphologies. The project, lasting ten days, led over 300 children, between the ages of 4 and 11, on a journey through outer space. The children started their journey by exploring the innovative, multi-sensory exhibition of sound and visual transformation of Black Hole data at the John Hansard Gallery. Through open discussion, the young pupils considered how art and science complement each another before creating their own art-science work.


Supported by the expertise of Museum Studies, Physics and Astronomy/Astrophysics student volunteers from the University of Southampton, artist Ratna Begum worked with pupils to depict designated themes of the solar system on 8ft tall panels. A total of 15 wall panels were designed by the pupils to display in their schools. The panels, once linked together, materialized into one large scale painting of Earth to the edge of the Universe!

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This project was financially supported by a Community Fellowship grant (made possible by the Higher Education Active Community Fund).