Destination Moon at transmediale

artist training moon geese in V flying formation
Agnes Meyer-Brandis, Moon Goose Analogue, 2011

Salon Talk hosted by Curator, Rob La Frenais

The recent discovery of water on the moon has refocused society's imagination on our nearest celestial neighbour. The title of the panel refers to the seminal 1958 novel Destination Moon by Robert Heinlein, which helped develop the popular mythology of the Moon, something which is also Russian filmmaker Pavel Medvedev explores, whose new work Ascension is shown in the tm.10 Film & Video programme. Also showing in that programme, is Agnes Meyer Brandis' The Moon Goose Experiment which can be read a form of bio-poetic science fiction. transmediale Award nominee, Wang Yuyang and curator Li Zhenhua will discuss the monumental sculpture Artificial Moon which draws attention to the collision between the 'natural' and the 'artificial' conceptions of the moon.

This Salon Talk features presentations by artists shown in transmediale.10 whose work engages with the past, present and future of the moon. This Salon Talk is hosted by Rob La Frenais, curator of The Arts Catalyst. Their future exhibition project Republic of the Moon (2010) will investigate humanity’s relationship with the moon, both in terms of cultural meaning and the possible return by humans in spacecraft to the moon in a new global space race.

Salon talk:

Moderator: Rob La Frenais (uk)

Participants: Pavel Medvedev (ru), Agnes Meyer-Brandis (de), Wang Yuyang (cn), Li Zhenhua (cn)

The Long Conversation:

The Arts Catalyst Director, Nicola Triscott will be taking part in The Long Conversation on Friday 5 February between 13:00-22:00.  The Long Conversion is a world première especially crafted for transmediale.10 by transmediale Award nominees Sosolimited.

Transmediale Video Archive:

Stephen Kovats introduces Destination Moon

Rob La Frenais introduces Destination Moon

Pavel Medvedev, Ru, Destination Moon

Agnes Meyer Brandis, De, Destination Moon

Wang Yuyang, Cn, and Li Zhenhua, Cn, Destination Moon

Discussion Session, Destination Moon