A Journey Through The Great Glen, 2010

Adam Dant's marvellously magical map of the journey from Highland Institute of Contemporary Art (HICA) to Outlandia.

Adam Dant's new map is a novel and unusual method for charting several sites en-route from HICA to the Library of Outlandia, commissioned by The Arts Catalyst for the perambulatory bus tour as part of The Great Glen Artists Airshow 2010.

The bus journey followed the strike slip fault along the Caledonian Canal by way of the A852 provides travellers with Dant's particular historical and geographic perspective.

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A Journey Through The Great Glen
Published by Arts Catalyst, 2010
Designed by Adam Dant
£3 (inc UK postage and packing)

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Arctic Architecture: API Cahier No.1, 2010

The first publication in the Arctic Perspective Initiative series

This publication documents the Arctic Perspective Initiative (API)'s open architecture competition to design a mobile media-based work and habitation unit, capable of functioning in extreme cold, and explores the Arctic and its architecture.

Essays by Robert Kronenburg, Marilyn Walker, Carsten Krohn and Jeremie Michael McGowan, with contributions by John Ross and Stijn Verhoeff, Matthew Biederman and Marko Peljhan.

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Arctic Architecture: API Cahier No.1
ISBN 978-3-7757-2679-5
Edited by Andreas Müller
Published by Hatje Cantz and API partners: HMKV, Projekt Atol, C-TASC, Lorna, and Arts Catalyst, 2010
Colour and monochrome, 148 pages, hardcover, English
Dimensions 165 x 240mm

Buy online from Hatje Cantz

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