Future Landings: Archiving Time Travel, a Workshop

Dreamed Native Ancestry [DNA]; photo by Tom Hall

The mission ship is ready to leave and continue its journey through geographies and times. Join us before the time travellers leave, and help them review, select and rearrange the stories and memories that have been collected in King’s Cross in the last two months.

This gathering around the data bank takes place in the form of a workshop and will mark the conclusion of Dreamed Native Ancestry [DNA]. Where will Mission//Misplaced Memory travel next? Which stories are they taking with them? Will they be able to save humanity from a future of genetic and cultural homogenisation?
The workshop will be facilitated by mission crew member Zaynab Bunsie and Arts Catalyst curator Anna Santomauro. Entry is free, no need to book.
Mission//Misplaced Memory is a writetalklisten production with artists and experimental sonic musicians Gary Stewart and Trevor Mathison (Dubmorphology). It is a site-specific, Afrofuturist-inspired project that uses research, performance, sound and visual installation to explore the ways personal and collective memory shape one another.