Glow Boys

Mark Ariel Waller, Glow Boys still of two workers
Mark Ariel Waller, Glow Boys still at cashdesk

Mark Aerial Waller's short film shot at Oldbury nuclear power station 

16mm film to video
14m colour sound
Mark Ariel Waller's film is a study of the psychological state of the contemporary British nuclear industry. The film dramatises original research undertook over the course of a year. The script was developed from the pitch black humour of nuclear contract workers Waller met whilst travelling across the UK, from Wylfa in Anglesey, to Sizewell in Suffolk. This is a survey of a strange marriage between the maintained decrepitude of post war science and a highly sophisticated, but undermined PR campaign. Nothing had changed since Lindsay Anderson surveyed Britain in O'Lucky Man or Britannia Hospital, 25 years earlier.

Glow Boys was first shown in The Arts Catalyst exhibition, Atomic at Imperial College Gallery, London, UK, 1998, and subsequent tour.

Atomic featured the work of artists Mark Aerial Waller, James Acord, and Carey Young, exploring the economic and cultural legacy of atomic power, and was later exhibited at Kluze Fortress, Bovec, Slovenia and Yard Gallery, NOW, Nottingham, UK in 1999. Glow Boys was also featured at the symposium, Nuclear Culture on Film, 28 April, 2013 at The Arts Catalyst, London.

CAST: Douglas Park, E.J. Waller, Grahame Fox, Kealan Doyle, Bernd Bucker, Mark E. Smith, Michael Howarth, Joolia Cappleman, Paul Rattee.
Produced by Tom Sheahan and Red Star Films
Funded by The Arts Catalyst, British Film Institute, Southern Arts