An invitation to lie down on an Imaginary Island

Every Friday thoughout the exhibition, members of the public are invited to participate in a situated experiment being conducted at our Centre in King’s Cross, held within artist Neal White’s installation Brownsea: An Imaginary Island (An Island of the Imaginary). The installation forms part of Test Sites: Assembly.
Participants will lie in the darkness of a moss filled sensorium (a terrestrial analogue containing flora from Brownsea Island) and be guided on a meditative journey into their imaginations. They will be asked to evoke memories and physiological responses, attune their senses and seek out their ecological sensitivity.
Data will be collected through creative responses (a short written response, sketches, maps, an audio recording, a photograph or any other form you prefer) after their journey. This data will help to build a vision of a shared island of the future, in which empathy with others, including other forms of life, ways of being and temporal registers, are used to challenge our existing patterns of behaviour.”
Session times:
Every Friday throughout the exhibition
12pm - 6pm (45 mins slots)
Please note that the exhibition will remain open to the public throughout each session, the installation is on a raised platform, do inform us if you have any access issues. The experiment does not involve any overt psychological, physiological or invasive methods. It is non-scientific, and no numerical scientific data will be collected. The artist may use visual materials, narratives and reflections collected during sessions for artistic purposes. No consensual or ethical processes are involved further to your agreement to take part. The experiment will inform the development of further projects in Poole Harbour that draw on questions pertaining to forms of social, ecological, environmental, scientific and other imaginaries.

About the artist

For over 20 years, Neal White has critically explored art in relation to new ideas, forms and technologies. As part of numerous collaborative endeavours – he has been developing projects, research and artworks, publications, archives, fieldworks, critical excursions as bus tours and exhibitions with academics, architects and activists. His current work explores situated practices and knowledge - drawing together environmental and ecological matters of concern with marine biologists, ecologists, coders, architects and volunteers in Poole Harbour and Brownsea Island, Dorset for Arts Catalyst's Test Sites programme.