Laurie Anderson (Space Soon)

Kodwo Eshun & Laurie Anderson talk at the Roundhouse, 2006
Kodwo Eshun and Laurie Anderson, Space Soon, 2006

NASA's former artist-in-residence, returning to the UK after the success of her show End of the Moon, reflects on her NASA experience and her visit to Russia’s space programme.

When NASA appointed the musician and artist, Laurie Anderson, as their first official artist-in-residence, they probably had in mind a celebratory and hi-tec output – perhaps lasers bouncing off the moon. But Anderson, disturbed by NASA’s revived plans to revisit and exploit the moon, created the performance piece The End of the Moon. NASA swiftly decided that there would be no further artists-in-residence.

In 2005, Anderson visited Russia’s space programme – the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre and mission control – with The Arts Catalyst and saw a very different side of the human spaceflight story, where the post-Soviet cash-strapped Russian space agency sells flights into space to Japanese dotcom billionaires at $20 million a time.

Anderson paid a special flying visit to London to take part in The Arts Catalyst's Space Soon event at the Roundhouse on Tuesday 12 September to reflect on her experiences, show her photographs and videos from her visit to Star City, in conversation with the author and critic Kodwo Eshun.

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Laurie Anderson's trip to Star City was supported by The Arts Catalyst and Forma.