Leaky Transmissions

A blurred textured grey digital image with green and blue lines like you’d get on an old TV is overlaid with the words Leaky Transmissions in white disjointed text.
Leaky Transmissions - Nastassja Simensky

Leaky Transmissions is a project by Nottingham-based artist Nastassja Simensky that explores changing land-use, and the potential of collaborative fieldwork involving artists and archaeologists. 

Responding to Arts Catalyst’s Emergent Ecologies programme, Leaky Transmissions includes spatial and sonic workshops, talks, walks and screenings that will culminate in a series of audio works on Radio Arts Catalyst
The ‘broadcasts’ will include field recordings and new writing, alongside conversations with artists, academics and activists engaged with current social, political and environmental challenges in South Yorkshire and beyond. The series explores industrial afterlives, sonic and spatial poetics, and the politics of ‘radio’ as a means of transmission, collision and interference.

Listen to Epiosde 1 of Leaky Transmissions: Spatial and Sonic Poetics here. 

Radio Arts Catalyst is an initiative and platform that explores radio as a site of encounter; and as a critical space in which to collectively address current social, political and environmental challenges happening on a hyperlocal and a planetary scale.
Nastassja Simensky is an artist who often works collaboratively to make writing, place-specific performances, events, sound work and films as a form of ongoing fieldwork. Leaky Transmissions is an ongoing body of artwork and research Nastassja is developing through a PhD at the Slade exploring changing land-use and the potential of collaborative fieldwork involving artists and archaeologists.
Commissions and residencies include: artist-in-residence at West Dean College; commission for Radar, Loughborough; SHERDS, Nottingham Contemporary; Zu Gast bei den KunstVereinenRuhr, Urbane Kunst Ruhr; Brightspot, Diaspore Project Space; Material Culture Unearthed, In-situ Brierfield; Radiophrenia, Centre for Contemporary Art Glasgow; Estuary Festival: Points of Departure; Fictive Dreams, ICA Singapore.