Lorenzo Sandoval: Shadow Writing (Todo el universo es par. Sin embargo, estos pares son opuestos y se enfrentan en una tierra del medio)

Image courtesy Lorenzo Sandoval

As part of Towards the Planetary Commons, Berlin-based artist Lorenzo Sandoval has been commissioned to create a modular environment which forms the basis for a ‘living room’ – an evolving installation of artist works and a library of ‘knowledge for living’ featuring case studies emerging from the programme and other learning resources.

Taking the Andean symbol of the Chakana as a starting point for exploring ideas connected to nature, humans and the cosmos, Sandoval has created an installation comprising sculptural and functional elements that can be assembled, arranged and re-organised in a variety of formations. Presented fragmented, the work renders the impossibility of total access to meaning, as a way of self-questioning the use of this form. In another instance, the project draws from Silvia Rivera Cusicansqui’s proposal of the Aymara cosmovisión as an universal model for a harmonic interrelation between nature, ecology, and the cosmos: thereby offering a semiotic remedy against the capitalist destruction of life.

Lorenzo Sandoval works as an artist and curator, and produces spatial devices that work as narrative machines. Since 2015, he has run The Institute for Endotic Research – which opened as a venue in 2018 – together with Benjamin Busch. His recent research deals with divergent genealogies of the connections between image production, textile making and computation. Sandoval holds a B.F.A and a Masters in Photography, Art and Technology from the UPV (Valencia, Spain). His project 'Shadow Writing (Lace/Variations)' was presented at Lehman + Silva Gallery in Porto and Nottingham Contemporary and he was part of 'Canine Wisdom for the Barking Dog’. In 2019, he was artist in residence at Bisagra in Lima, which resulted in an exhibition at Amano Museum. He is part of Miracle Workers Collective who will be representing Finland in the Venice Biennale 2019.