Makrolab Scotland

Marko Peljhan, Makrolab in Scotland. Photo: Radioqualia
Marko Peljhan, Makrolab in Scotland. Photo: Radioqualia

Makrolab is a high-tech, art-science project. A temporary sustainable laboratory designed to support 4 – 6 artists and scientists working and living alongside each other in isolation for periods of up to 120 days.

Within the Makrolab, researchers study telecommunications, environment, migration and weather patterns. Makrolab's creator, Slovenian artist Marko Peljhan sees these multiple-dynamic global systems as the source of understanding how our planet functions on social, technological and natural levels.

Makrolab in Scotland took place during the International Year of Mountains, declared by the UN General Assembly. Makrolab is sited on the Clunes Beat, Atholl Estate, Perthshire from late May to the end of July 2002.

Over three months during summer 2002 a crew of artists, scientists and media activists inhabited the Makrolab in the Scottish highlands.

crew 1:

  • Fraser MacDonald
  • Abigail Reynolds
  • Matthew Biedermann
  • Anna Jakomulska

June 5 - June 18

crew 2:

  • Tomasz Szymura
  • Ewen Chardronet
  • Ilana Halperin

June 18 - July 1

crew 3:

  • Lisa Parks
  • Ursula Biemann
  • Katrin Lund
  • Miles Chalcraft
  • Ewen Chardronet

June 29 - July 7

crew 4:

  • Katrin Lund
  • Miles Chalcraft
  • Calum Stirling
  • Helena Johard
  • Dan Belasco Rogers

July 7 - July 14

crew 5:

  • Helena Johard

  • Stephen Kovats
  • Helen Evans
  • Calum Stirling

July 15 - July 29

crew 6:

  • Tim Knowles
  • Stephen Kovats
  • Helen Evans
  • Adam Hyde
  • Honor Harger
  • Ewen Chardronet
  • Nina Czegledy

Partners & Funders

  • Organised by The Arts Catalyst and Projekt Atol with the Tramway, Glasgow, in partnership with:
  • Atholl Estates
  • Centre for Mountain Studies at Perth College (an Academic Partner of the UHI Millennium Institute)
  • Supported by the Arts Council of England, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Henry Moore Foundation, SciArt Awards, Mobitel and BT Open World and Mobitel d.d. In association with Tramway.



Marko Peljhan
Sun 1 June 2003 - Wed 31 December 2003
ZENOMAP, Rio Tinto Foscarini, Dorsoduro, Venice
Makrolab, Isola di Campalto, Venice, Italy
The Arts Catalyst organised the launch event for Makrolab in Venice and the Arts Catalyst/Projekt Atol/Tramway Makrolab publication marking 5 years of Projekt Atol’s Makrolab first phase, culminating in Makrolab in Scotland 2002. The second 5 years starts with Makrolab in Venice 2003.
Projekt Atol organised the siting of Makrolab on the Isola di Campalto in the Venice lagoon as part of the 2003 Venice Biennale.