Naked Matter

Kira O'Reilly stands inside a greenhouse, gazing in to a small mirror. A pig watches her from the outside.
Jennifer Willet and Kira O’Reilly, Naked Matter.



A free evening of talks with bioartist Oron Catts and Kira O'Reilly

Kira O'Reilly talks about her artistic experiments using modern biological technologies, including culturing skin from non-human animals, and how this led to subsequent performance work, including her durational performance with a dead pig, Inthewrongplaceness, and subsequently a live one, Falling Asleep with a Pig. The latter she presented as part of Interspecies in Manchester and London in 2009.

Oron Catts discusses his new project Crude Matter' is the direct translation of the Hebrew word Golem, a creature created by magic, often with the sole purpose of serving its creator. In one popular account, the Golem grew stronger and stronger, but instead of heroic and helpful deeds, Golem became increasingly uncontrollable and even destructive.

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