Kerri Meehan and Alex Ressel

Consequences Workshop held at Arts Catalyst

Kerri Meehan and Alex Ressel’s practice is broadly concerned with time, technology and communication. Kerri and Alex began working together in 2012 on Superlative TV, a pirate television station they co-founded which broadcast in the frequencies left fallow following the digital switchover. They invited artists to screen work and made their own programming for the station. They continue to work collaboratively. Their practice is broadly concerned with time, production, materiality and communication. More recently, they created a time capsule with global online communities, the first video intentionally transmitted into deep space and a project about chimeras in museums which explores the relationship between myth and science. Alongside their practice they run public events, reading groups and workshops.

Alex and Kerri are presently working on a project about nuclear culture and storytelling. In order for future generations to be warned of the dangers, living stories that last as long must be told. Jawoyn paintings of people with signs of radiation poisoning and dreamtime stories that have been passed on for more than 20,000 years continue to warn against digging in “sickness county”, a part of the land with radioactive minerals. They will be visiting contended areas in Australia where uranium is mined and nuclear waste is stored. Alex and Kerri will run workshops in Australia and UK to collaboratively create stories and images that could communicate with future generations about the environment.