Kaajal Modi

Image courtesy Kaajal Modi
Kaajal Modi is an artist and multidisciplinary designer with a background in community food activism, participatory design for social contexts and graphics & illustration. She is currently completing a practice-based PhD in sustainable food futures, supervised across the Digital Cultures Research Centre and the Science Communication Unit at UWE, Bristol. Through her research practice she speculates just and sustainable climate futures in collaboration with diverse communities (human, ecological, microbial). 
She recently completed a remote research residency as part of the Eden Project's Invisible Worlds exhibition - in which, as Kitchen Cultures, she collaborated with no-waste chef Fatima Tarkleman and six migrant women+ of colour to develop recipes to reduce food waste in the home. As well as hybrid recipes combining preservation processes and flavours from participants’ respective cultures, outcomes included over 12 hours of discussion, stories and poems, including video and WhatsApp voice notes, and audio and video recordings.
During her residency with Radio Arts Catalyst (2020-21), Kaajal wants to use the outcomes from the research process to create a multi-layered sound work that can be listened to in your own kitchen while you cook; that captures the experience of being taught how to cook by a friend or family member. The piece will further incorporate microbial becomings, creating an intercultural dialogue between the people and the bacteria who are collaborating in our preserved foods. By doing so, she aims to create a multisensory experience that connects us more fully with our food systems.