Nuclear Forum

The British Atomic Nuclear Group installed at The Royal Society of Arts
James Acord, Steve Kurtz, Chris Oakley, Simon Hollington, Kypros Kypriano; Nuclear Forum, 2008.

Accompanying the Nuclear: Art & Radioactivity exhibition, the Nuclear Forum was organised by Arts Catalyst and SCAN in partnership with RSA Arts & Ecology.

The forum explored the impact of nuclear power in art and culture. Prominent artists, writers and experts discuss their work and engagement with the issues around nuclear energy, from Hiroshima through the 50s' white heat of technology and the Cold War nuclear tensions to present day energy debates.


James Acord, artist and 'nuclear sculptor'
Keith Barnham (Imperial College)
Paul Dorfman (Warwick University), expert on nuclear consultation and radioactivity risks,
Kate Hudson (LSBU), chair of CND and editor of the journal Contemporary Politics
Kyp Kyprianou & Simon Hollington, artists
Steve Kurtz, artist and activist, Critical Art Ensemble (by video link)
Gustav Metzger, artist and activist, founder of Auto-Destructive Art
Chris Oakley, artist
Pam Skelton, artist (Central St Martins College of Art)
John Wills (Kent University), historian, author of Conservation Fallout, a look at nuclear protest in California