Publication | Alternative School of Economics: The End of the Present

Arts Catalyst is delighted to present a new publication by The Alternative School of Economics (Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck) emerging from a research residency with Arts Catalyst, featuring texts by Angela Chan and Emily Rosamond and Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck, as well as original illustrations by Ruth and Amy.


"This publication draws together critical reflection, speculative fiction, and collective research to consider the ‘long crises’ of capitalism and the environment. It explores the different forms of time in which financial and environmental crises are located, and how we as humans experience these massive events.
Curator and artist Angela Chan and artist, writer and lecturer Emily Rosamond present their own takes on time and crises, each in response to the question ‘when does a crisis begin and end?’ Emily Rosamond’s essay, Swarm Signals, connects astrophysics to financial markets to question causality and influence. Angela Chan’s short story, Blurred Events, takes us to a near future in which pandemic time blurs world politics. Jumping off from The End of the Present, an online residency with Arts Catalyst, our quasi factual writing runs throughout this publication. Each narrative develops research undertaken by participants in public online co-research workshops where we collectively mapped events across recent and deep timescales. Our texts are a time(un)line of connections, which attempt to unravel cause and effect, and undo linear readings of history." — Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck, The Alternative School of Economics
Ruth Beale & Amy Feneck have been collaborating as The Alternative School of Economics since 2012. As an 'alternative school', they link artists' practice with self education as a way to study economics and economies. They are interested in reciprocal modes of learning and making, and their projects with communities create a framework for investigating political, social and cultural issues. They use diverse and creative methodologies, and collaborate with experts from a variety of disciplines, from sociologists to writers, to produce film, graphics, photography, texts and clothing, as forms of activation, dissemination and reflection. Visit their website to find out more.
Emily Rosamond is a writer, artist and Lecturer in Visual Cultures at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she serves as Department Chair of Learning and Teaching. Her recent publications explore online reputation and the financialization of social values. They have appeared in the Journal of Cultural Economy, Theory, Culture & Society, Paragrana, and Journal of Aesthetics & Culture, among others. Her recent exhibition at SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen explored bio-technical signalling and prediction-rich environments. She is an Associate Editor of the journal Finance and Society. Her first monograph, Reputation Warfare: Contested Credibility in Online Platforms, is forthcoming from Zone Books.
Angela Chan is an independent curator, researcher and artist. Her work reconfigures power in relation to the inequity of climate change, from colonial histories to minoritised experiences, by self-archiving through participatory conversations, rethinking geographies and speculative fiction. Her current research-art commissions span climate framings, water scarcity and conflict. Angela produces curatorial projects and workshops as Worm: art + ecology, collaborating with artists, activists and youth groups. She holds a postgraduate in Climate Change (KCL), and co-founded the London Chinese Science Fiction Group and co-directs the London Science Fiction Research Community. Visit her website to find out more.
This project is supported by The Elephant Trust and Arts Council England.
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