Current Projects

A blurred textured grey digital image with green and blue lines like you’d get on an old TV is overlaid with the words Leaky Transmissions in white disjointed text.
Wed 1 June 2022 - Sat 31 December 2022
Leaky Transmissions is a project by Nottingham-based artist Nastassja Simensky that explores... more
A white person’s hands are shown close up with one holding a black lumpy and hard material with a slight sheen on it, and the other hand points to the material. The person is stood over a whole surface of this black material
Tue 15 November 2022 - Fri 31 March 2023
Introducing the Soil Futures Resident Artists! Soil Futures is a network of creative organisations... more
A large space with white walls with one corner painted orange has tables and chairs in various areas. Windows letting in natural light can be seen at the far end of the vast space.
Fri 14 October 2022 - Tue 31 January 2023
Soft Ground is a free to access public space for learning, shared by creative charity and not for... more
A hand with short nails holds up a small black card with the words 'Obstruct' on them. In the background is a Sheffield street scene with grey buildings either side of a road with double yellow lines on it. At the end of the adjoining street are old red brick buildings with scaffolding on them in a phase of redevelopment
Mon 11 October 2021 - Fri 31 March 2023
Artists: a place of their own (Paula McCloskey & Sam Vardy); Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad; Harun... more
On a pale green square, the words ‘Soil Futures’ are spelled out in beige and brown letters with organic wiggly shapes, making them look a bit like worms. Surrounding the letters are organic shapes that conjure amoebas and matter examined under a microscope.
Thu 21 July 2022 - Fri 30 June 2023
Soil Futures is a network of creative organisations that explores the ground between us.The network... more


a close up photograph of green herbs on a pale yellow background has the words ‘Kitchen Club 4 with Priya Jay, Thank Bitterness’ overload in cream and orange text. The tone of the image is warm.
Sat 5 November 2022
Arts Catalyst's Kitchen Club brings together people who care about food including its circulation... more
a textured black and white blurred low tech texture is streaked with green lines like a computer screen distorted. Overlaid in white stick letters are the word ‘Poetry as Field Recording’
Wed 12 October 2022
This online workshop focuses on the experience of listening, through writing. With artist Nastassja... more
Three people are hard at work in a small garden on a sunny Spring day. They are using gardening tools to plant new plants which are strewn around raised beds and soil and weeded plants are scattered on the ground.
Sat 16 July 2022
Artist Harun Morrison and his collaborators have been busy transforming Sheffield Mind's outdoor... more
A collection of scattered yellow dandelion flowers are strewn on a black surface and photographed very close up.
Sat 16 July 2022
The starting point for this workshop is a database the artist Harun Morrison has been developing... more
An area of long grass, shrubs and trees is pictured on a sunny summer day. On a hill in the background are 1960’s style brick houses and flats seen between trees in full bloom. White clouds are scattered in the blue sky. The words ‘Sonic Walk with Ashley Holmes’ are imposed in dark grey letters on top of the image.
Fri 8 July 2022
Artist Ashley Holmes will lead this walk centred on sounds and listening with the landscape. ... more
A blurred textured grey digital image with green and blue lines like you’d get on an old TV is overlaid with the words Radio Silence in white disjointed text.
Wed 22 June 2022
Radio Silence is a poetry workshop facilitated by artist and writer Emma Bolland for people to... more
A group of people of varying ages and ethnicities sit round a table with ingredients including vegetables and herbs laid on it. The group are sat in a large brightly lit hall. They can be seen chopping vegetables, examining pickled things in jars and working with food. Over this image is a yellow rectangle with the words ‘Kitchen Club #3’ in blue text.
Sat 18 June 2022
Kitchen Club brings together people who care about food including its circulation and production,... more
a close up photograph shows the stem of a herb with thin leaves on a grey surface lit by warm light. The words ‘Kitchen Club: Spring Bitters’ are overlaid in blue text on a light green rectangle.
Sat 7 May 2022
Kitchen Club brings together people who care about food including its circulation and production,... more
a shiny russet coloured clump of fungi sits within ground covered in brown leaves. Overlaid on the photo are white dashed lines, that look like map outlines.
Sat 30 April 2022
THIS EVENT HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED. There are a few tickets remaining. How do words and sounds... more
a small group of people walk through a deciduous woodland in summer, with lush green foliage creating shade. The words ‘Forest Meditation’ are overlaid in dark grey on a green background.
Fri 29 April 2022
Artist duo Breakwater lead a walk with meditation in ancient woodland.  Ecclesall Woods... more
A Tesla car is molded in copper wire with a number plate. It sits in a dark space lit by warm light while a small piece of machinery to the side discharges a blue light
Thu 21 April 2022
At the start of 2020, Fast Familiar, Abandon Normal Devices and Arts Catalyst began The Networked... more
A muted brown robe with huge sleeves made of cotton fabric is suspended by ropes so that it forms the flat shape of  human body. It is sewn with quilted patches and fasted with yellow ribbon. Above the robe is a cream paper lantern globe which has a very large grin and two wide spaced eyes on it. The space is dark with the robe lit by warm light from small lamps on the ground and dimly lit human figures can be seen in the shadows.
Wed 6 April 2022 - Tue 31 May 2022
Dead Cat Bounce is a performance and installation resulting from a collaboration between artist... more