Publication | FRAUD (Audrey Samson & Francisco Gallardo): EURO—VISION (digital publication)

EURO—VISION publication cover

In tandem with the EURO—VISION platform launch, FRAUD have created a publication bringing together research around the project in a downloadable PDF.


EURO—VISION is an artist led inquiry into the extractive gaze of European institutions and policies, commissioned by Arts Catalyst and Radar. Initiated in 2018 in collaboration with scholar and media practitioner Btihaj Ajana (King’s College London), the project seeks to make visible the many entangled modes of extraction that Europe enacts on third countries: through the establishment of Free Trade Zones, fisheries partnerships agreements, and investment stratagems. 
Over the past two years EURO—VISION has evolved through multiple phases, comprising: fieldwork in Morocco; a residency and public programme at Arts Catalyst and at Radar Loughborough; a public presentation at Istanbul Design Biennial. 
The project will culminate with the launch of a web platform, which will act as a resource that reveals and mobilises EURO—VISION’s multilayered body of research developed in conversation with academics, economists, lawyers, activists and journalists. Their voices, insights and knowledge will emerge through video interviews, treaties and documents, as well as a public programme of conversations in the form of podcasts, online workshops, and a series of policy recommendations. The web platform will launch 10 March, 2021. Find out more here.
EURO—VISION has been commissioned by Arts Catalyst and Radar, developed in co-collaboration with the Istanbul Design Biennial, and has been made possible by funding from Arts Council England, Canada Arts Council and Accion Cultural. EURO—VISION, or the Making of the Automated Gaze was supported by the Cultural Institute at King's in partnership with Somerset House Studios.