Radio Silence - Online Poetry Workshop

A blurred textured grey digital image with green and blue lines like you’d get on an old TV is overlaid with the words Radio Silence in white disjointed text.
Radio Silence. Leaky Transmissions - Credit Nastassja Simensky

Radio Silence is a poetry workshop facilitated by artist and writer Emma Bolland for people to write experimentally about the spaces, metaphors, and struggles of ‘transmission’.

‘I was interested in vibration. I was interested in what happens when you don’t say anything at all’. — Bhanu Kapil, from Ban en Banlieue (2015)
‘The static is like the sound of thinking... It's like the sound of thought itself, its hum and rush’. — Tom McCarthy, from C (2010).
In relation to analogue radio, the term ‘static’ is associated with faulty transmission or faulty reception—static is communication gone wrong. But what if ‘static’ is thought of as a rich space, a generative space, where the effort and struggle of communication is valued as a thing in itself?
No experience or identification as a poet is needed—the workshop is a generative ‘thinking space’ where ongoing process will be valued over finished product. A longer break is built into this workshop so participants can get a break from their screens.
6 - 7pm Workshop Part 1
7 - 7.30pm - Screen Break
7.30 - 8.15pm - Workshop Part 2
Radio Silence is part of Leaky Transmissions, a project by Nottingham-based artist Nastassja Simensky that explores changing land-use, and the potential of collaborative fieldwork involving artists and archaeologists. Responding to Arts Catalyst’s Emergent Ecologies programme, Leaky Transmissions includes spatial and sonic workshops, talks and walks that will culminate in a series of audio works on Radio Arts Catalyst.
Tickets are free but please reserve a place to help us manage capacity. 
ACCESS: The workshop takes place online, with a 30 minute break built in away from screens. It will not be captioned but key instructions will be typed into the chat.
For more information please get in touch with us. 
About the Artists
Emma Bolland is an artist, writer, and lecturer based in Sheffield. Recent work includes an experimental ‘audio guide’ for the exhibition imPerfekt, at Mewo Kunsthalle Memmingem in Germany, and their book Instructions from Light, a hybrid prose-poem / novella / screenplay, is published by JOAN later this year.
Nastassja Simensky is an artist who often works collaboratively to make writing, place-specific performances, events, sound work and films as a form of ongoing fieldwork. Leaky Transmissions is an ongoing body of artwork and research Nastassja is developing through a PhD at the Slade exploring changing land-use and the potential of collaborative fieldwork involving artists and archaeologists.