Reading Group | On Repairing, Renewing and Slow Reading, Led by Sunshine Wong / TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

What do we mean by ‘renewal’ and how do we renew ourselves? At a time when definitions of wellbeing are dominated by narratives around self-care, how can we reinscribe the value of the social body as a means of commoning reparation? How can we begin to imagine health beyond the maintenance of one’s own productivity and function in society? 

As part of Recentring Attention, Arts Catalyst has invited art worker and researcher Sunshine Wong to explore these questions through TL;DR, a slow reading group that Wong initiated in spring of 2019. The reading group will take place at Sheffield Mind, a Mental Health Charity providing emotional and practical support to people in Sheffield with mental health issues. Through the act of reading together, we will collectively activate the space at Mind, interrupting and interrogating the various spatial elements of care at play within its institutional context. 
"Through the reading groups, I hope to explore different aspects of “renewal”, both on an individual and collective basis. Things are constantly nourishing / threatening us, affecting our minds, bodies, and environments. What constitutes our sense of well-being, both on a personal and social level? What are the potentials and limits of self-care? Does health have to be a linear progression? The charity Mind will be housing the reading group, so I hope to find out more about it as an organisation and a physical place (of refuge, care work, and administration). The intention is to use as many of the spaces within the building as possible to hold the reading groups, perhaps expanding to include related locations around the city to understand how such institutions play a role (or not) in our conscious attempts to “get better” — get healthier." - Sunshine Wong
This reading group forms part of Recentring Attention, Arts Catalyst’s strand of programme that informs the first phase of its relocation to Sheffield. The event is free to attend but we recommend booking.
TL;DR* is a slow reading group initiated by art worker and researcher Sunshine Wong in spring of 2019. It began as a personal need to reconnect with friends and colleagues after a long spell of parenting and thesis writing, which was marked by a sense of isolation. The group is a deliberate attempt to test out “reparative” methods of social making and critical reflection, an idea that is borrowed from Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick’s essay collection, “Touching Feeling” (2003). In plainer terms, it looks at how we learn to share (or not), listen (or not), and learn (or dismiss) as groups, with “reading together” as a way of addressing these questions.
*TLDR (or TL;DR) is a common internet acronym for “Too Long; didn't read."