Sound Forms, Antony Hall & Heathbrook School

Pupils of Heathbrook school watch liquid droplets bounce on a speaker.
Antony Hall, Sound Forms, Heathbrook School, Speaker.
Pupils of Heathbrook school perform sound experiments with wine glasses half-filled with water.
Antony Hall, Sound Forms, Heathbrook School, Wine Glasses.

Exploring sounds through electronics and self made instruments.

Antony Hall designed and led a 5-week workshop programme for two Year 5 classes and teachers to explore sound through electronics and self made instruments.

Working with ideas from music, science, design technology and art and design, Antony encouraged the teachers and pupils to experiment with sound, through drawing and with the sound itself, physically locating the vibrations. The groups challenged their understanding of sound using self-built circuit boards and sound wave generators, eventually recording their work using digital technology and finally producing CDs.

The project culminated in a performance for the entire school, parents and funders on the 14th of December. It also left an exhibition and a set of materials for the project to be used in future Key Stage 2 projects on music and electronics.

This project generated training both for the young people and also for the teachers through weekly evening sessions.

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