Space Day

An orbital installation created using Google Earth and satellites.
Joanna Griffin, Space Day, Lambeth Academy Pupils, 2007.

Arts Catalyst, in collaboration with the art and science departments at Lambeth Academy (a secondary school in Clapham), ran an art-science day focusing on Space

The whole school was taken off timetable (600 students) and all lessons delivered that day were hands-on and/or interactive and dealt with space topics.

Nicola Triscott, director of Arts Catalyst, delivered a talk on art, space and weightlessness to the whole school. Five artists ran workshops with students through the day: Artist Antony Hall worked with sound and podcasts, Joanna Griffin developed an orbital installation with the students using Google Earth and satellites; Mandinga Arts created alien masks and Dimitri Launder and Joel Grey landed a Space Pod in the school atrium that became a debating forum on the politics of space travel.