Srishti Science-Art / Space-Art Workshop

A durational sleep experiment and installation , investigating long-term sleep and hibernation.
London Fieldworks, Srishti Space-Art Workshop, SpaceBaby, 2006.

A 5-day series of workshops on themes of science and art, and space and the arts, led by London Fieldworks and The Arts Catalyst

With Bruce Gilchrist & Jo Joelson (London Fieldworks), Nicola Triscott and Rob La Frenais (The Arts Catalyst), Geetha Narayanan (Srishti), Sarah Neville, Mukund Thattai, N S Harsha, A V Varghese and Vivek Vilasini.

19 Jan - Science & art workshop
20 Jan - Space & the arts workshop
21 & 23 Jan - 'Spacebaby' workshop for Srishti students led by London Fieldworks
23 Jan - Ham radio workshop

A collaboration between Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and The Arts Catalyst