Arts Catalyst commissions and produces transdisciplinary art and research. We activate new ideas, conversations and transformative experiences across science and culture, engaging people in a dynamic response to our changing world. 

We rely on passionate supporters of contemporary and interdisciplinary art in order to continue our experimental work addressing urgent contemporary issues and generating new ideas about science and culture. If you would like to help us as we launch into an exciting new phase of development - during which we're relocating our central base to Sheffield - please consider supporting us with a donation.

If you would like to speak with us about corporate sponsorship, partnerships or other ways to support our work, please contact Jo Warmington via


Arts Catalyst is a charity (charity number 1042433) and a company limited by guarantee.

2015/16 Donors (New Centre appeal)

Centre founding patrons:
Professor Chris Isham
Colin Cooper

Centre founding partners:

Colab at Bournemouth University
Goldsmiths, University of London
Ernst Schering Foundation

Centre donors 2015-2018:

Matt Adams
Madeline Adeane
Christine Aicardi
Mark Allan
David Ault
Lise Autogena
John Baldwin
Sarah Barnes
Anne Bean
Caroline Bergvall
Hannah Bird
Paul Brown
Elizabeth Bruton
Bernadette Buckley
David Burgess
Asa Calow
Gaetano Carboni
David Chapman
Lindsey Clark-Ryan
Mark Clements
Katy Connor
Charlotte Cook
Tom Corby
David Cotterrell
Fiona Crisp
Eleanor Crook
Nick Crowe
Gail Dickerson
Gillean Dickie
Crow Dillon-Parkin
Kerry Doyle
Gair Dunlop
Ben Eastop
Holly Edwards
David Faithfull
Alishia Farnan
Jon Fawcett
Jo Fells
Julia Finlayson
Andrea Fitzpatrick
James Flint
Andy Franzkowiak
Matthew Fuller
Marc Garrett
Renee Gauthier
Alex Gerber
Adrian Godwin
Amanda Gore
Michael John Gorman
Kathelin Gray
Samantha Grayson
Sean Greves
Dave Griffiths
Elizabeth Hancocks
Joan Haran
Eileen Haring Woods
Jaden Hastings
Tania Hershman
Clare Hickman
Rachael House
Rachel Jacobs
Bryony James
Victoria Jenkins
Lucy Johnson
Catherine Jones
Lesley Jones
Altaf Kassam
Lady Kitt
Christine Kowal Post
Silke Lange
Claudia Lastra
Lian Lian
Armin Linke
Chris Lintott
Elizabeth Lynch
Katherine Macinnes
Louise Mackenzie
Ruth Maclennan
S Majumdar
Rebecca Mallinson
Tina Mammoser
Mark Martines
Genevieve Maxwell
Marion Mccrindle
Maria Merridan
Andy Miah
Rebecca Morrill
David Newsome
Tina O'Connell
Kira O'Reilly
John O'Shea
Kate Orton
Alan Outten
Sara Petrucci
Tacye Phillipson
Beki Pope
Roger Pratt
Emma Quinn
Sarah Quinn
Georgina Rannard
Veronica Ranner
Daniel Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Ross Robertson
Sandra Ross
Steve Rowell
John Saffrette
Alan Sekers
Nina Sellars
Madeleine Shepherd
Amanda Smethurst
Oliver Smith
Janet Smith
Jen Southern
Jan Steadman
Kimberly Suda
June Svenson
Kafui Tay
Anna Troisi
Karen Ullmann
S Umachandran
Susan Walker
Jessica Wallis
Chris Welch
Gillian Whiteley
Tamsin Wilson
Louise Wilson
Mary Yacoob
Amy Zamarripa Solis

Artists creating/donating work for the Centre appeal:

Melanie Jackson
Aleksandra Mir
Tomas Saraceno
We Colonised the Moon (Hagen Betzwieser & Sue Corke)