Test Sites: Calder in Castleford

At the end of October, Arts Catalyst’s Test Sites: Calder project lands in Castleford for the weekend, where Working Waters, an artwork created by Sheffield-based artist Ruth Levene, will be presented in tandem with an artist-run workshop and talk.

Workshop led by artist Ruth Levene and Arts Catalyst curator Anna Santomauro
Friday 25 October, 2 – 5pm
The Queen's Mill in Castleford 
Free, book via Castleford Heritage Trust, Tel: 01977 556741
The installation will then be on view to the public from 10am – 3pm on Saturday and Sunday at the Queen’s Mill.
Across the globe, floods, loss of biodiversity and rising temperatures are pushing communities to rethink the way they live with natural and built environments. Environmental change represents a matter of concern that cannot be dealt with uniquely by scientists and decision makers; instead, it is a common ground that requires acts of re-imagination.
Since 2017, Arts Catalyst has been working with artists, anthropologists and stakeholders from the Calder region to collectively explore water governance and its relationship with health, wellbeing and the resilience of communities and environments. The project asks ‘how can we re-imagine our relationship with the infrastructures that govern our everyday life through practices of care?’ The core team comprises artists Ruth Levene and Invisible Flock, anthropologist Megan Clinch and Arts Catalyst curator Anna Santomauro in conversation with local stakeholders and members of the community.
Ruth Levene | Working Waters
Working Waters is an artwork by Yorkshire-based artist Ruth Levene that takes the form of a 3D model representation of the Calder Catchment. Populated by a variety of moveable miniature scenes – from canal locks to flood defences, tourists on walking holidays to flooded shops – visitors are invited to direct the scenery around, to activate and exert control over the landscape itself and become a steward of the water systems. Building on research developed over the past two years Working Waters is part of the wider project, Test Sites: Calder, which brings to the fore the complexities of the valley, its material and immaterial infrastructures and its governance. Here, a cyclist, a reservoir and a group of protesters become part of a multi-layered micro-reality in which visitors are invited to re-imagine their own agency within the ecology of the valley. Working Waters is made in conjunction with model maker David Riley. As part of the project, a workshop led by the artist and project curator Anna Santomauro will explore the interdependent relationships within the water system. 
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