Trajectoire Fluide

Kitsou Dubois guides dancers in altered states of gravity.
Kitsou Dubois, Trajectoire Fluide, 1999

Film and installations of dance and movement experiments in weightlessness

Kitsou Dubois has been developing a process of experimental movement performed in an environment of altered gravity conditions. She intervenes in the domain of art and science, creating an insight into the rapport between humans and their environment. In 1999, The Arts Catalyst initiated a long-term collaboration between Dr Dubois and the Biodynamics research group at Imperial College to investigate the control of the bodies in altered states of gravity, including weightlessness.

Trajectoire Fluide was made in collaboration with Eric Duranteau. It was premiered at the Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadlers Wells, London, in March 2002, accompanied by talks by Dubois and Professor Robert Shroter and a demonstration of TMS by Dr Nick Davey. The event formed part of The Arts Catalyst's Aritsts & Cosmonauts season.

Trajectoire Fluide was re-made as a video installation and shown in France during in 2002. From October - December 2003, the new installation Fille-Air was shown at the La Maison de la Photographie, Paris, and in 2003, Dubois made the performance Trajectoire Fluide at La Villette, Paris