“Here are the names of the disappeared that haunt the Thames Estuary. The pitch pine planking of the Souvenir is inhabited, scarred, cut, and incised with that which has been lost at sea, displaced, dispossessed, evicted, or pushed to extinction.”

A short film of the project Graveyard of Lost Species, an ambitious collaborative project and public monument by artists YoHa and Critical Art Ensemble in partnership with Arts Catalyst.  

Graveyard of Lost Species involved recording 'species' from wildlife, marine creatures, livelihoods, fishing methods, landmarks and local dialects that once flourished in the Estuary and are now disappearing. The artists led a set of enquiries with people in Leigh-on-Sea and Southend to gather local knowledge of and expertise about 'lost species'.

This film was produced as a series of collaborative video documentations by James Ravinet, Jim Smith, Zander Mavor and Alistair Oldham.