What Makes you Move? Study Workshops and Practice led by Erene Kaptani

In association with Arts Catalyst’s long-term research project, Radical Ancestry, participatory performance artist, anthropologist and dramatherapist Erene Kaptani invites women aged 18 – 30 from migratory family backgrounds to join her for What Makes You Move?

Comprising a series of six participatory workshops, this collective investigation will generate essential information for a new research study by Kaptani exploring the body’s capacity to be the creator of personal and social knowledge and change.
Through a combination of methodologies including Lecoq movement based and forum theatre the group of participants will together explore gendered, migratory and racialised experiences of ‘what makes us move’ to address social and personal situations, and understand what needs to be in place – on both a personal and social level – to support these moves. No previous theatre experience is necessary.
Participants will have the opportunity to:
  • Explore personal narratives for personal and social change
  • Create written material for performance
  • Develop methods for social and arts-based research projects
  • Present and share material in a public event at Arts Catalyst
  • Build networks for future collaborations
Essential information
Project duration: 3 March - 7 April 2019.
Number of participants: 8 core members.
Dates : Sundays. 03/03,  10/03, 17/03, 24/03, 31/03, 07/04 from 11:00 to 15:30.
Venue: Arts Catalyst Centre for Art, Science & Technology, 74-76 Cromer Street, London WC1H 8DR
Contact details: Erene Kaptani Email:E.kaptani@gre.ac.uk / Tel: 07800640034.
This is a closed group of women aged 18–30 from some personal or past family migratory experiences only. A public event will take place in April.
A contribution towards travel expenses and subsistence will be provided with vouchers of £200.
Sessions will be filmed for learning purposes only and confidentiality will be ensured based on written consent from participants.    
Erene Kaptani a participatory Performance Artist, Anthropologist and Dramatherapist. Website: erenekaptani.wordpress.com