Zero Gravity

A Year 6 student trying a balancing experiment, Langafel School, Zero Gravity project
Zero Gravity project, Year 6 student, Langafel School.

Projects for Years 6 and 7 to explore the theme of gravity and weightlessness through dance, science and art

Projects explored:

What is gravity?

How gravity affects us

How gravity has shaped who we are & how we move

What if there was no gravity: the idea of 'weightlessness'

Living in space/zero gravity

Pupils took part in art and dance/movement workshops imaginatively exploring concepts of weight and weightlessness, changing gravities, orientation, freefall and rotation, and a zero gravity seminar, which included videos of French choreographer Kitsou Dubois dancing in weightlessness and problem solving activities on living in space.

Led by various artists, including Tim Millar, Morag Wightman, Graham Hudson, Karen Lowe. Participating schools: William Patten School, Hackney, London; Gayhurst Primary School, Hackney, London; Otford Primary School, Otford, Kent; Langafel CE Primary School, Longfield, Kent; Betty Laywood Primary School, Hackney, London (adapted for a gifted & talented group of year 1&2); St Mary's Primary School, Islington, London; Grasmere Primary School, Hackney London (year 5). All Year 6 except where stated.

The Zero Gravity pilot project with Sebright School in Hackney culminated in the production of a CD-Rom 'Expedition Space' by Year 6 pupils on space and gravity.